Dundee Groves will never compromise.

Dundee Groves never will compromise. Dundee will ship only oranges worthy of maintaining Dundee’s unbeatable reputation as the source for Florida Oranges. That every orange we ship is backed by Dundee’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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What our customers say

Best oranges around. Bar none.

Frank MillerMillermedia

Soooo good! You can’t eat just one.  As always, it’s the best

HT, Canton, OH

Every single piece has arrived in perfect condition.  The gift box arrived in one of our snow storms, every piece was perfect.  Good job!

Mr. and Mrs. MP, Frankfort, MI

A real treat.

LM, Cornwallis Nova Scotia, CAN

These are the juiciest-sweetest Honeybells we have ever eaten!

MB, Elyria, OH

The Florida Orange – Child of the Sun

What’s your favorite orange?

Individual tastes vary. Some prefer sweeter, some prefer tangier, some prefer thin-skinned, some prefer grapefruit. Why not!

Dundee Groves has a citrus variety to satisfy every taste.

Go ahead, experiment. Regardless of which citrus grabs your heart (and your taste-buds), you know you’re getting the freshest fruit, direct from the grove. Tell that to your friends and family, then watch as they join you in enjoying the very best.

C’mon. Try a variety you haven’t tried before.